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There’s Earth School Magic Going On at Glynwood Farm

Posted by on Apr 4, 2012 in Earth School | 0 comments

As a thank you to supporters and a delightful way of informing the world about Earth School‘s newest curriculum addition — the animals at Glynwood FarmSomething Good in the World‘s “Happening Now” page is a must read.

Like laughing children? Check. Enjoy cute animals being pet by said children? Check again. And all of it with such a wonderful purpose at its core: educating inner-city (Harlem) second graders — most of whom have never seen a cow or goat, let alone visited a functioning farm — about the food they eat and how they to eat healthily as a result. (i.e. learning that a grass-fed cow produces better milk and beef.) And these wee young scholars get to have a blast in the process.

SGITW’s president Barbara Sarbin (who, in full disclosure, is the daughter of CA 360′s Hershel Sarbin) is a natural-born storyteller, so her descriptions of the children’s faces while carefully petting Oliver the bristly-haired pig or feeding carrots to Duke’s “ticklish horse lips” (Duke is indeed a horse) are sure to put a grin on your face. The pictures, too — an example of which is above. But the video (below) is by far the best part, which will not only touch you, but zoom you back to your own childhood and sense of wonder with the world, reflected all too clearly in these kids’ eyes.

Read it for yourself right here.

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